Retail chains

Retail chains Prize games can be used in a variety of ways in the retail chains segment. We have successfully established relationships with large retail chains and are able to meet numerous demands of our clients. Working with some of the largest retail chains, we have effectively organised a number of prize games. The most common game concept is based on a consumer spending a particular sum on their purchase, whereby he becomes eligible to participate in a prize game and winning a prize. Consumer receives a receipt with a self adhesive winning label with the details about the prize. This particular promotional strategy contributes to increased sales as the consumer usually quickly decides to spend more in order to become eligible for the prize draw. Additional services have also proven to attract new consumers.

Our clients - Retail chains :
Delhaise - Serbia
Tus - Slovenia
Merkur - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Roda - Serbia
Mercator - Serbia
Tempo - Serbia
Kvadrat97 - Hungary