Variable data printing

Game Print has printing machines with Inkjet printing heads that are used in highly secured coded and personalized industrial printing of labels and packaging, for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, lottery and banking sectors. This type of printing is also used in order to mark and track products throughout all segments of production process which enables easy detection and correction of errors that can impact the quality of products. We can offer to our clients printing of serial numbers, 2D and 3D bar codes, control numbers and all other security and variable printed data on self adhesive, regular or holographic substrates. In order to guarantee maximum security of printing, our systems have complete hardware printing inspection with infra red cameras that perform real time control of accuracy of variable data printed from database. In marking products domain, we print all data from production date, due by date, batch numbers or production lines to more complex markings like list of ingredients, successive numbers, time and location of product creation and other relevant information.